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If you missed...

If you didn't catch them before, these viral stories highlight some truly inspiring kids finding unique ways to help our brave first responders!

Most teenagers are grappling with Zoom classes & not seeing their friends, but one amazing Texas kid had a larger dilemma: how could he personally help curb the pandemic? Taft Foley gave up his wrestling season & instead this selfless teen started his own mobile COVID testing lab. As NBC News tells us, how his idea is helping his community is truly inspiring. We need more Taft Foley's in the world!

Arts & crafts sessions at summer camp often teach skills many kids will never use again…anyone remember the popsicle stick birdhouses? But for two little siblings in Milford, MA, they put their summer camp skills to great use. Hear from WHDH-TV how the young brothers raised money in a unique way for local first responders. The kids proved to be just as selfless as their heroes!

Five-year-old Carver wanted to help brighten the day of some local heroes so he did what few kids his age would probably think of doing – he gave up a toy! Hear from Oregon's KPTV-TV how young Carver sent a baby Yoda doll to his local firefighters with a note introducing them to their new friend. It took off “like wildfire” - Yoda even has his own Facebook page & the grateful crews have been shipping him to other Western states to spread the joy to other fire houses.

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