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If you missed...

These viral gems remind us you're never too young or too old to find the moments of joy in life!

White lights blurry in background past wooden floor

There are few things cuter than little kids speaking with British accents & these three famous tykes don’t disappoint. Check out royals George, Charlotte & Louis – otherwise known as the adorable children of Prince William & Duchess Kate posing questions about animals to environmentalist Sir David Attenborough, courtesy of The Guardian. It’s rare to hear these three speak! And just listening to these kids will make your day brighter…not to mention Attenborough’s childlike enthusiasm about the world!

Derlin Newey isn’t your typical pizza delivery guy – this Utah native is serving up pies at 89-years-old! But his positive attitude inspired one couple to pay him back with more than just generous tips. From WSB-TV (and KSL-TV/CNN), you won’t soon forget this heartwarming story of community & kindness that brought a tear to Derlin’s eye…and likely yours!

For five-year-old Micah in Ohio, autism has meant a challenging childhood. But wait ‘til you see what he can achieve with a supportive family behind him all the way. Watch a wonderful clip from his mother Haley McGuire via Storyful as Micah says his name & those of relatives for the first time, to the cheers & delight of his biggest fans.

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