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If you missed...

If you didn't catch these stories when they first made the rounds, we're continuing the animal theme with a cheeky monkey, an adorable baby panda & a pilot who's rescuing one pooch at a time!

Colored lanterns

A 20-year-old Malaysian man misplaced his cell phone – we’ve all done it. But when he called the phone to find it and heard it ringing from the jungle near his house, he didn’t know another surprise awaited in his camera roll. Check out the phone's collection of hilarious monkey selfies and even a video of the thief playing around with the strange device. BoredPanda gives us a glimpse of the monkey mementoes!

‘Giant panda cub’ will seem like an oxymoron when you see this tiny bundle of joy, but the National Zoo gave Smithsonian Magazine a peek at the adorable baby panda’s first veterinary check-up. Male & female cubs look similar after birth so further testing is needed on whether the tyke is a he or a she. But its little squeals couldn’t be cuter as it gets a clean bill of health!

After enduring a tragic loss, retired surgeon & pilot Peter Rork found a new calling with his non-profit Dog is My Copilot – rescuing at-risk shelter animals to find them new homes. NBC News shares his amazing mission, which has saved a whopping16,000 animals.

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