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If you missed...

Catch feel-good clips of a rooftop Federer, firemen in a moment of joy & a touching salute to the oldest U.S. Marine.

Someone's hands holding a string of white lights at night.

It was great to see the U.S. Open tennis tournament actually happen, even though several legends like Roger Federer sat it out. But he gave us some equally memorable tennis recently high above the streets of Italy...with cameras there from Barilla pasta (who else?) Watch as Federer joins in some rooftop volleys and delights two young fans with his surprise appearance. Magical! And don't miss the bonus surprise at the end...

Major Bill White couldn’t have looked sharper in his military uniform to mark an incredible milestone – celebrating this Marine's 105th birthday! He clearly enjoyed the big outdoor bash at his assisted living facility. As CBS Sacramento tells us, America’s oldest living Marine knows how to steal our hearts – he asked in February for people to send him a few Valentine cards and in the end he got half a million!

The images of California’s out-of-control wildfires have been devastating, which is why a clip of exhausted CA firefighters breaking into song is so uplifting. As ABC 11 in Raleigh shows us, members of the Grizzly Firefighters catch their breath after months of tireless work but still find the energy to belt out their version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” filmed by fireman Theodore W. Hiner.

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