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If you missed...

In case you didn't catch these viral stars & online gems the first time around, treat yourself to these feel-good clips!

Night shot of paper floating lanterns going up into the sky.

Remember the name Nandi Bushell before she’s on the cover of her own rock album soon. This British 10-year-old issued an online challenge to her idol, Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, for a drum-off battle – and she wasn’t messing around. This kid can play! Check out her killer drum solo to “Everlong by the band and an awesome clip of Bushell and Grohl jamming together once Nandi's challenge was in full force.

A Taiwanese couple has run their laundromat in central Taiwan since 1959, but a fun idea turned them into internet stars. They started dressing up in the clothes left behind by customers (hopefully clean!) and soon went viral. Check out these fashion icons of forgotten finds thanks to their grandson’s online posts and Insider. Hope the fashion show’s coming next!

As we remember 9/11, the stories from that dark day were overwhelmingly sad but it’s always uplifting when we hear tales of hope. American Diane Kirschke and Brit Nick Marson were just two strangers on a plane that day when they were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland. They were cot neighbors in a shelter there and, as Diane puts it, they “just wanted someone to talk to.” The rest, as they say, is history. Hear their beautiful love story born in tragedy from Inside Edition.

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