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If you missed...

While 2020 was rough on this year’s graduates, it’s worth celebrating again some of the joyous sendoffs for this ridiculously resilient class!

A Texas principal got the attention of NBC News when he personally visited all 612 of his graduating seniors from his high school, driving around the state in 12 days to celebrate them and deliver gifts – all in a mask, of course.

Not sure what's more impressive with this graduation party – the family’s decked out yard or their senior's dance party. He brought some sunshine to Canada’s CTV morning show.

One Minnesota music teacher took multi-tasking to new heights. He recorded himself playing 22 instruments in a “Pomp and Circumstance” symphony for his students. He admits to “Inside Edition” only the oboe was faked when his reed broke!

Seniors at California's Grand Terrace High School got a VIP sendoff - a parade, a walk across the stage that almost looks like 2019 and all the photos ops they wanted. What pandemic??

The "Today" show helped define what “Happiness is…”: watching this high school senior as he relishes his joyous drive-through graduation celebration in Nashville.

Selfless teachers at Rosemont High School were honored by the Sacramento Bee for delivering tailor-made yard signs for their graduates to enjoy out their windows while stuck inside during the pandemic.

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