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Icy adventures

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Grab some chilly Gs on a boblsed & carve out time for frozen masterpieces around the world.

Few of us will ever experience the ultimate winter sport of bobsledding. That might be a good thing since we’d be feeling forces on our bodies of up to 5 Gs – that’s more than what astronauts feel on a rocket launch! But how ‘bout the next best thing? Join USA Today Sports as you take a wild ride with U.S. Olympians on a virtual reality bobsled run to see what hurtling at 90+ miles an hour looks like. Don’t forget to use the navigational arrows in the upper left to look around as you fly down the track. It’s like our sledding memories from childhood on steroids…

Bobsled coming down icy bobsled track
In non-COVID times, Lake Placid in NY is one of the few places where you can take a spin on a bobsled run!

What better way to embrace the dead of winter than to go on a virtual icy vacation? Journey with Top Fives to visit the most amazing ice sculptures around the world! You can’t miss a peek at the Dillon Ice Castles in Colorado (#7) or Sweden’s amazing Ice Hotel (#5). And you won’t believe your eyes when you see the icy creations at the annual ice festival in Harbin, China (#2). The ice sculpture that tops the list is Slovenia’s replica of one of the world’s best known buildings…so you can add the frozen version & the real thing to your bucket list!

See how ice sculpting masters turn this into amazing - but very temporary - art!

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