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Houses that haunt

Halloween brings out the creativity - and the creepiness - in all of us!

In many places in October of 2020, Halloween didn’t really happen thanks to evil COVID & its annoying tendency to cancel all fun things. But in one Southern California town, residents didn’t let a pandemic slow down their celebrations! Take a tour of some of the spookiest & most amazing Halloween decorations & lawn displays with Destination DeRo filmed in the town of Temecula. But we have to wonder what kids have the stomach to walk up to these doorsteps, even for candy? We'd pass...

House decorated for Halloween with lights and decorations
At some houses, "Trick or treat" should be followed by "...if you dare!"

Whether you think places can be haunted or doubt those who believe, ghosts & hauntings have fascinated people since ancient times. The Roman statesman Pliny the Younger (born in the 1st century) reported ghost sightings in his writings, including seeing the specter of an elderly man with a beard carrying chains who he said haunted his home in Athens. Courtesy of Top Fives, visit - if you dare - the ’15 Most Haunted Houses on Earth’ & hear the stories behind these alleged apparitions. One is even a vacation rental & you won’t believe whose home made the top of the list!

Scary-looking decrepit building in the dark
Available: 1 BR for rent, utilities included, must love ghosts.

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