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Homemade healthiness

Take comfort in making your own healthy hot chocolate & granola!

Few things are more comforting in winter than a toasty mug of hot chocolate & it’s even better when you’ve made it at home. But it doesn’t have to be as decadent as you think – indulge in homemade hot chocolate but with a healthy twist from Ambitious Kitchen so you can add even more marshmallows! From coconut milk to maple syrup, check out the tricks to making this wintry favorite a bit lighter.

Mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows & sticks of cinnamon

Some granolas seems healthy 'til you look at the ingredients list & it reads like a science project. As one dietician told Time magazine, the packaging on the healthiest granolas “should read like a recipe you could have made in your own kitchen.” And here’s an easy way to make a homemade alternative! Check out a simple recipe for “brain boosting granola” from the “Today” show and put the store-bought versions to shame!

Granola with yogurt & blueberries in a bowl

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