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Home recipes & remedies

Try some recipes, relaxation tips and workouts you didn't think were possible right in your own house!

Oh what we'd give to enjoy a festival or a street fair right now! Sidling up to that food truck and enjoying a delicious treat you thought you could never make at home. But now you can! Try your hand at these recipes for food truck favorites from Ready Set Eat. And no standing in line in the hot sun!

Black man paying female worker for food at a food truck.

Who better to share techniques for fighting stress than a former monk? Jay Shetty is now a “purpose coach” helping the rest of us find peace - and he must be clairvoyant, since he sure picked the right line of work for 2020...! Listen to his simple but helpful de-stressing tools to calm the mind using things around the house that he shared on “Today." And his video on our perceptions of others is some hard-to-swallow food for thought.

Woman in workout clothes on a yoga mat meditating at the beach.

How many times sitting on your couch have you asked yourself, “Should I exercise? Or keep binge watching into Season 3?” After all, why interrupt the momentum you’ve got going with your new favorite show? Now you can do both! POPSUGAR shared some energetic couch workouts well before the pandemic, but there’s no better time to try them out to cure the COVID-19 (lbs).

White couch with yellow pillows on a bright yellow striped rug.

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