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Home is where the art is

See the amazing art born at home from an inventive artist with a thing for beads, some bone-defying dancers & a soothing singer!

Be dazzled (…pun intended) by a truly unique work of art: a full-scale kitchen with every inch covered with tiny glass beads painstakingly applied one-by-one. If only our kitchens shimmered like this! The Whitney Museum of American Art shares a cool behind-the-scenes video on the making of this “Kitchen” masterpiece. Artist Liza Lou says she wanted the work to celebrate the unsung contributions of so many women in society over the years but also to convey a “sense of magic” – she nails it on both counts!

Glass colored beads in different glass containers.

When’s the next time we’ll be dancing anywhere in public…at a wedding in 2021? Well we can pick up a few new steps, if we dare, from dancers at Manhattan’s new studio, The Shed. Marvel at their incredible dance-at-home compilation "Revelation of Proverbs," which they perform to “rediscover self in this moment of isolation and confinement.” It showcases their talents at Flexn, a dance style from the 90’s and now taught at The Shed. It’s hard to believe these dancers have skeletons with the way they defy all laws of human anatomy! Hear more on their story in a PBS profile on Flexn & The Shed.

Break dancer in silhouette in a pose mid-air in a tunnel.

Singer Mary Chapin Carpenter shares her calming vocals with the world with “Songs from Home” - intimate performances from her living room in Virginia. Check out her song “Twilight” on the seasons changing and how that regularity brings her some comfort in this chaotic year. Her dog Angus occasionally plays backup on his squeaky toys... This installment is Episode 37, so there are plenty more gems on her page to enjoy! [note: a Facebook account is needed to listen!]