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Holiday & birthday fun

Revisit a classic holiday favorite & mark 150 years of a great NY institution.

London’s historic Old Vic theater is offering an amazing treat this holiday season – to watch “A Christmas Carol” livestreaming as it’s performed on stage. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get right now! It ain’t free -- but you’ll be supporting live theater as you enjoy an acclaimed performance of Scrooge by Andrew Lincoln, formerly of “The Walking Dead.” If you don’t want to spring for tickets, the website also has a fun “guess the holiday movie quote” game with the cast. If you prefer to relive the old “radio days,” Chicago’s Goodman Theater is streaming a free, audio-only show of the holiday favorite so you can picture your own version of who Scrooge is in your head! Maybe the coronavirus in a top hat?

Woman putting santa hat on little boy next to Christmas tree
It isn't quite Christmas without our favorite curmudgeons, Scrooge & the Grinch...

It hardly seems possible that New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has been around since 1870…that’s just after the Civil War! Talk about some serious staying power... Explore this tribute to the Met’s incredible 150 year history & a dazzling array of its diverse pieces & galleries. Narrated by Steve Martin, you’ll hear fascinating stories behind how they acquired some of their greatest treasures.

Pink birthday cake cut open with candles
Happy 150th Met! We're gonna need more candles...

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