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High-tech Italia

See how technology is transforming two of Italy’s coolest tourist destinations.

Venice’s Piazza San Marco flooded so often tourists were starting to expect the famous gondolas to come floating through the square. A technological solution was proposed decades ago – that would be 1984! But last year, it was finally put to the test. See how Venice’s high-tech dam system debuted in 2020 may save the iconic city & prove after decades of delays that it might be the answer to the rising tides. Sure, another poorly predicted storm in December still caused floods since the dam wasn’t deployed in time, but hey – after almost 40 years, some hiccups are tolerable if it means “The Floating City” won’t actually be floating away anytime soon…

High flood waters in Venice
Venice's new tool should help it go back to being a city for strolling...not swimming!

If you’ve been to Rome’s Colosseum you know that while it’s mind blowing, you can only wander around so far. The central floor area is off limits so you can see into the labyrinth below as you walk up above through the stands where spectators once were. But as Reuters shows us, soon you’ll be able to see what it’s like to walk across the floor of the Colosseum just as the gladiators did. A new high-tech system will let tourists into the former fighting arena while still allowing peeks into the area underneath. Now all we need is Russell Crowe & a few lions…

Portion of Rome's Colosseum
And you thought redoing the floors in your house was a big project...

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