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Let's head to the islands

Drop in on an unknown Greek island gem & take a stunning New Zealand tour!

Heard of Amorgos, Greece? Yeah, we hadn’t either. But Travel + Leisure invites us to take a walking tour around “The BEST Greek Island You’ve Never Heard of: Amorgos.” This island looks like exactly what you’d picture if you envisioned Greece: white stone buildings, blue doors and windows, sunny skies & ocean views not far below in the Bay of Aegiali. Enjoy visits with locals, a tour of an ancient olive oil press & stunning vistas from a place that'll make you want to dust off that passport as soon as we can use them again…

Greek villa with open walls and views of the ocean

New Zealand’s one of those destinations where the interminably long plane ride to get there is more than worth the wait…& all those retread movies you watched on the flight over! There’s a reason why the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed in the place, given its otherworldly & Middle Earth scenery. Expedia helps us tour the gorgeous & varied vistas of New Zealand in less than three minutes! And when real international travel’s possible, what better place to visit than one of the only countries on Earth that kicked COVID to the curb!

Airplane wing out airplane window above the clouds
Spending an entire day on an airplane? If we're headed to NZ...yes, please!

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