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Happy tunes

Uplifting music (+ vaccines) is just what the doctor ordered in pandemic times.

We’ve never needed happy music more than in these crazy times & Jon Batiste totally delivers for us. You might know him as the bandleader on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” if you’re ever up that late… Check out Batiste’s recently released hit “I Need You” & the super fun music video – it’s one of those tunes that’ll be stuck in your head but it’s the best kind of ear worm. The video will make you want to dance & maybe keep your eyes peeled on the next art museum visit for some surprise visitors jumping from the frames!

People dancing on a wedding dance floor
Some songs just make you want to get up & dance! And you don't have to wait for the next bad wedding...

There are success stories & then there are stories like Thad Cockrell’s. This struggling singer/songwriter from Nashville was about to throw in the towel on his music career after the pandemic shook his confidence….until as Jimmy Fallon relays, the "Tonight Show" host randomly heard Cockrell’s latest song playing in a hardware store. Soon afterwards, Cockrell played live on “The Tonight Show” with the Roots & his career got a major reboot. To hear more about this incredible story of hard work & good timing, check out Cockrell telling the full emotional story on the “Today” show.

Couple with a shopping list inside a hardware store
Who knew a celebrity's trip to a hardware store for light switches would light up a singer's career!

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