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Grateful for the greats

From stellar actors to poets, let’s give thanks for the artists who beautify life.

Early in the pandemic, the YouTube Channel “The Show Must Go On!” streamed full-length performances of Andrew Lloyd Weber shows & NBC musicals…after a hiatus, they’re back & we're so thankful! Take your seat at some great theatrical performances – there are bite-sized clips from a wide range of favorites & every Friday, they run free, full-length shows for the next 48 hours. How nice to watch the shows in peace without some lady nearby crinkling candy wrappers in her purse or the tall guy blocking your view in the row in front of you.

Empty ornate theater with view from the stage

The Brooklyn Museum had a brilliant idea perfect for 2020 when we're all binging Netflix shows – a cross promotional exhibit! The mega hit “The Crown” with our favorite cast of British royals to the “The Queen’s Gambit” both have iconic wardrobes that help set the scene. Walk through a very cool 3D exhibit of the fashions from these Netflix hits - you can get more details, zoom in for a closer peek & even watch show clips featuring the costume on display. The exhibit runs until Dec. 13, when it may disappear faster than a grocery aisle tabloid about the latest royal scandal.

Room full of mannequins without fabric on them
These ladies are waiting to be given the royal treatment...

We lost acting legend Sean Connery on Halloween, which was 10-31-20 and if you add up those numbers & save the zero’s, you get: 007. Coincidence? Only James Bond could execute that plan to perfection… Let’s celebrate his great contributions to film with the Top 10 Sean Connery performancesfrom Which role won him his only Oscar? It’s on the list! You can probably guess which role comes in at #1, but the others remind us he had much wider range than just ordering martinis shaken, not stirred.

Martini sitting on a bar with olives on the toothpick.
As well as ordering martinis, Connery's characters knew not to bring a knife to a gun fight.

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Gorman, the first-ever U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate, you’re in for a treat. Hear the power in Gorman’s reading of her poem, “The Republic Gives Thanks,” in which “CBS This Morning” asked her to to pay tribute to Thanksgiving. She notes the sobering fact that President Abraham Lincoln’s declaration making Thanksgiving a national holiday came as the Civil War raged. As Gorman says, he hoped to unite “a nation in a nightmare…at a time when many believed they had no thanks to give.” Sound familiar? Despite 2020’s best efforts, her poetry reminds us there’s always reason to be thankful.

Close-up of caligraphed words written on paper

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