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Going for gold

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Olympic delays are another 2020 gut punch, but they can't keep us from learning inside tips from Olympians on workouts, mindfulness and nutrition!

In an alternate universe, the 2020 Olympics would’ve started July 23. But here we are...and we can learn from these incredible athletes training tirelessly at home! Check out these amazing Olympic home workout videos from around the globe on the Olympic Channel. Some you can try yourself...others you can only watch with awe. You won’t believe the female athlete practicing “sport climbing” – a new event to debut in Tokyo – hanging by her fingertips from her staircases & countertops! And sit back & enjoy this awesome compilation video of these inventive Olympians from NBC Sports.

Aerial shot of runners in V-formation on a running track.

Olympic athletes know better than anyone that performance is as much mental as physical and many are famous for techniques to get themselves “in the zone.” Who better to share tips on calming your nerves in stressful situations? Check out The Muse with these Olympian tricks to quiet your mind - from the secrets of Michael Phelps to why one famous athlete thinks yawning actually works!

Woman in hoodie meditating on rooftop at sunrise.

If we ate 10,000+ calories per day like some Olympians, we couldn’t fit ourselves through the front door. But we can learn a thing or two from them about fueling our bodies well! Check out the University of Utah’s tips on how to eat like an Olympian – learn the key ingredients to a "power breakfast" to fuel your day, get the secret formula Olympic athletes use to balance carbs and calories, and make an Olympic-ready shake full of nutrients.

Healthy breakfast with yogurt, fruit, egg & juice.

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