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Get self-defensive

From extra citrus & super foods to aromatherapy, learn ways to boost your immunity & your mood!

Halloween makes us think of witches known for their brews & potions to treat ailments or ward off certain spirits… We’re not quite into those concoctions these days, but we can find things to boost our immunity to ward off other things in flu season! Healthline shares “15 Foods that Boost your Immune System” – we all know about Vitamin C in citrus, but did you know foods like broccoli, almonds & garlic can also help?

Oranges & orange juice on a cutting board

These are stressful times & while your go-to solution right now might be a handful of Halloween candy, there’s another alternative! According to Johns Hopkins, the scent molecules in aromatherapy essential oils travel to the brain, especially impacting the emotional center & helping our mood. Check out Johns Hopkins Medicine’s tips on getting your aromatherapy on – what to consider & which ones might help. We only wish we had a “scratch & sniff” link here to use!

Aromatherapy oil in a bottle next to white flowers

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