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Fun with doodles

Visit the UK's “Doodle house” where artwork lives in the walls.

To say Sam Cox in Kent, England, has a unique home would be a ridiculous understatement. You don’t know Sam? You may know him better by his nickname, Mr. Doodle. This artist wanted to create a house of “living artwork” & boy did he! NBC’s “Today” show invites you to take an eye-popping visit through the “Doodle House,” where every inch of the place is covered in fun, jovial drawings. If you want to know more about what inspired each room & the creations along the way, take the full doodle-licious tour with Cox himself. Next time you chastise a child for drawing on the walls…this may be their future!

Closeup of drawn doodles & cartoons on a page
In the UK, doodling goes from artistic dreams to a life-sized tribute!

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