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From Amsterdam to America

Catch eye-opening treasures from the Netherlands’ national museum & Ken Burns’ unbelievable archives.

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the national museum of The Netherlands, has been re-opened since June 1 (wow!), but they haven’t missed a beat churning out amazing videos mid-pandemic. Jane Turner, head of their Print Room, shares an incredible tale of detective work to decode why tiny skulls were appearing in centuries-old watercolors of plants! Another curator’s enthusiasm is equally infectious as he shares why laughter is perhaps the toughest emotion to paint and what it says in a painting about someone’s social class. Another curator picks out works that depict a lost art: the hug!

Amsterdam city scene of canal and bicycles on bridge.

Where did all that quarantine time go – when we thought we’d find 100s of hours of learn a new language or binge watch all those Ken Burns documentaries we’d missed? Well, Mr. Burns is helping us out! Dive into UNUM, a ‘best of Ken Burns’ online treasure. Not only does he pull out bite-sized gems from his hours of films on U.S. history, but he connects the dots to show how events across his projects coincide on the historical timeline. What an amazing way to explore his body of work with the context only this master storyteller can provide. Oh, and the name? From “E pluribus unum,” the motto chosen for the U.S. in 1782.

Old style movie projector & big film reels attached.

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