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Fireworks & food comas

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Learn why Independence Day is a feast for the eyes - and the gut...

They may be hard to come by this Fourth of July, but find out how fireworks became such a part of America’s independence revelry from the History Channel and why the first July 4th was actually July 8th. And to fill the holiday void, why not relive memorable fireworks around the world? The Telegraph takes us back to Dec. 31 when we still gathered in crowds and convinced ourselves 2020 would be the best year yet! Well, the fireworks panned out…

Wide nighttime view of multiple fireworks bursts & crowd watching along water's edge

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the Hollywood Bowl’s famed fireworks shows from a fifth generation pyro (that would be pyrotechnician, to get clinical). See what makes you more nervous – learning where their explosives are rigged or seeing thousands of people crammed together across the lawn at this pre-COVID show.

Two hands holding two fireworks sparklers lit up with sparks

This next clip will likely add a "Wow!" and an "Eww..." to your day! Those annual hot dog eating contests are a Fourth of July ritual in the U.S. and are even covered like a real sport by none other than ESPN. But ever wonder how those people can down so much food at once? ESPN Science is on the case with a look at what happens in the gut of these gluttons! Word to the wise: you might not want to be eating while you watch…

Top-down view of table with hot dogs and toppings

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