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Feeling zen

Give a little TLC to Mother Earth, your stress levels & your sweet tooth.

In quarantine, indigenous people around North America began posting videos of beautiful powwows. To many, the traditional dances are a form of prayer and medicine and several posts shared wishes of healing for the Earth. The stories behind many of the dances shared by Peigan Powwow Productions vary – a Native American teen athlete, a woman who lost her adopted brother to COVID and entries from Canada: a champion “fancy shawl" dancer and a colorful tribute to "The Loss of Many Great Lives in 2020.” As the pandemic continues, so does the need for their restorative messages.

Two people holding indigenous drums in a traditional ceremony.

How often has music steadied your nerves lately? There’s science involved! Some studies find songs with 60 beats/minute can synchronize the brain with the beat, causing the same brainwaves that pop up when we’re relaxed. The University of Nevada, Reno, has a calming playlist to help you feel zen. See if one song composed with de-stressing arrangements to lower your pulse and blood pressure does the trick…if the video doesn’t freak you out first!

Woman outside in wheat field listening to music on headphones.

Few things heal the COVID summer blues like some yummy ice with the extra time spent at home, how ‘bout making some in our own kitchens? Try this simple at-home ice cream recipe with no special equipment needed. How much of it you eat at one sitting once you’re done is up to you...

Homemade ice cream, ice cream scoop & two cones

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