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Fabulous foliage

Head to New England & other top ten U.S. spots for the most gorgeous fall hues.

There’s a reason people head to New England for the creepily-named pastime of leaf peeping, a.k.a. looking at foliage. Take in some of the most gorgeous fall foliage in the country in flyovers & cozy corners of New England with Trout & Coffee (including one product plug for their cuppa joe…). And don't worry, none of the peeping you’ll be doing involves a police restraining order…

Bright yellow leaves on trees in a park area
Leaf peeping sounds like something police might be on the look out for...but no arrests here!

New England actually scores two of the spots on the top ten list of best spots in the U.S. to fall foliage, according to USA Today. We think you’ll find some surprises on this list! And some great reasons to head to the mountains…

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