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Experiment with art

Buck convention with innovative exhibits, edgy artists & a wild spin on vintage landscapes.

Have you ever imagined the art museum of the future? Can you believe it’s here now? Paris & Toronto have already wowed millions of visitors with the coolest new experiential take on museum exhibits! Be blown away as you take a peek at the mind-blowing, immersive exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh in Paris, where visitors are surrounded on every surface by the artist’s vision. The U.S. is next - Chicago’s preparing for the cutting-edge exhibit to open there in February. A day at the museum will never look the same!

Woman against a wall with projection across the wall & her face
This could be what your future museum visits look like!

Bored with your Monets & your Manets? Let’s check out some works a bit more on the cutting edge! The International Society of Experimental Artists celebrates innovation in art & their 2020 “Pushing Boundaries” annual awards were slated for Alberta, Canada. The event, of course, went virtual but entries came in from countries as wide-ranging as the submissions – from New Zealand & Bahrain to South Africa & Singapore. Hear from innovative artists on how they experiment with their craft & scroll through all the award-winning works with testimonials from the artists themselves. If only we could spend a day inside their minds!

Modern art work with words & strips of paper assembled in a collage.
Experimental art like this makes us think...but clearly "2012" was the wrong year to go with the word "crisis"...

We know art is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well if you ever dreamed of seeing your favorite painting with spaceships or X-wing fighters careening through the landscape, you’re in luck! A creative painter & vintage shop owner named “Dave” in Canton, Ohio, brings Star Wars scenes to life by adding them to vintage artwork. For the Star Wars lovers out there, you too can see AT-AT’s trudging through wooded parkland or TIE fighters flying among the birds. Now we know what must be hanging on Han Solo’s walls at home…

Pastoral landscape in painting
This painting would be so much better with the Death Star floating in the sky above....

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