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Escape the everyday

Help your mind flee our crazy reality with nature's soundscapes and silver screen reminders of the last days of summer.

It’s not just in your head – studies have demonstrated the calming effects of nature’s sounds, not just its sights. BBC America recorded the raw sounds of beautifully scenery they filmed on their travels – listen to soothing nature soundscapes while exploring the world's jungles and see if they calm your mind a bit more than the last bit of news coverage you watched.

Group of people in kayaks on lake with oars over their heads.
With the sights and the sounds, it's almost like we're there! Minus the group outing with people you don't live with...

Haven’t we all felt better when we see snow & twinkly lights in a holiday movie? Maybe we can do the same with summer flicks before the seasons change! Town & Country highlights the 30 Best Summer Movies of All Time – with fun trailers for each! Everything from “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (oh yeah, sun-drenched European beaches were the backdrop for some truly psychotic behavior) & “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (okay school was in session, but it’s still summer since Ferris couldn’t wander around Chicago in 10 below wind chills) to “Something’s Gotta Give” (we all know nothing goes together more than falling in love & those “long walks on the beach”…).

Friends laughing in a movie theater & eating popcorn.
Remember what going to actual movie was like? And sharing popcorn?? Someday...

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