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Emerging from COVID hibernation

Get flexible and fueled for tennis, golf or just finally leaving the couch.

There may be no Wimbledon to watch this month, but at least you can hit the courts again (with marked balls…)! The U.S. Tennis Association shares some footwork and racquet drills you can pull off in your driveway. Even without a racquet, test your agility skills!

Two women tennis players laughing on the tennis court

Excited to swing a golf club again but wondering if your lower back agrees? To prepare for anything more active than all the couch and computer time lately, try these pre-workout flexibility stretches inspired by yoga moves. Don’t worry - your joints shouldn’t sound as creaky as the noises the Golf Channel’s audio engineer had fun adding…

Asian golf player holding a golf ball towards the camera lens

Before any socially-distanced sports, it might be a good time to boost the old energy and protein levels by making what Aussies call an “athlete smoothie.” Check out these

easy steps for a nutrient-packed snack from the New South Wales Institute of Sport. They train Australia’s Olympic & Paralympic athletes, so if it can work for them it’s bound to help the rest of us!

Top-down shot of strawberry smoothie in a glass with garnish

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