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Dust off some great art

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Enjoy mind-blowing chalk street art, classic Dave Matthews shows & a blast from the past at the Kennedy Center.

When we think of chalk, we might recall math problems on a blackboard years ago or maybe hopcotch grids on the sidewalk (now we're really dating ourselves...). We don't think of great art…but wait! David Zinn will forever change how you see chalk as he transforms it into the tool of a master artist. Marvel at Zinn's jaw-dropping street art from the Art Insider & his ability to turn our everyday urban surroundings into fantastic scenes through his wild imagination. Enjoy a few more of his whimsical drawings from the BBC. Wow!

You see chalk...artist David Zinn sees cartoon creatures in his head waiting to crawl out from manholes....

This year has had some silver linings: not having to explain why you binge watched an entire Netflix series in days or ate a tray of brownies on your own (everyone gets it). Another is all the awesome concerts that bands are dusting off from their archives & sharing with us! Dave Matthews Band joins the fun with their “Drive-In Concert Series” sharing full incredible live performances…thank you, Dave! Check out their 2019 show from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in NY or time travel to their 2002 gig at The Gorge Amphitheatre in WA.

People packed into a concert sheering
Remember stadium crowds? So 2019...

One of the great arts venues - the Kennedy Center - pulls deep from its archives for a real treat: letting us rub elbows with President John F. Kennedy & A-list artists at a 1962 televised fundraiser for what would later become the KC. The full show includes performances - even patched in from remote cities! - from singers Harry Belafonte (02:20:30) & Marian Anderson (31:45), poet Robert Frost (37:26), pianist Van Cliburn (02:29:37) and a young cellist new to the U.S. -- a seven-year-old Yo-Yo Ma (42:36)!

Old fashioned televisions stacked on each other.
Time travel back to the '60s and hob knob with the era's greatest artists!

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