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Dreaming of travel

We can’t travel everywhere yet, but we can still span the globe virtually!

With vacation plans finally being possible - or at least starting to think about international destinations again - let’s dream of the islands! Thanks to Travel + Leisure, treat yourself to photos of the top 25 most gorgeous islands in the world to visit – sail the shores from Anguilla to the Azores as you span the globe to places you can safely visit virtually…since Anguilla is still on the State Department’s ‘reconsider travel’ list for COVID concerns. Someday!

Palm tree hanging over waver on an island & a dock in the background
Wherever this is, it'll be worth sitting like a sardine in an airplane to get there...

When things open up everywhere for travel, you may think twice before hitting those tourist hot spots where everyone else & thousands of their closest pals will be, too. Why not consider some off the beaten path places? Explore ideas for the Top 10 under-visited tourist destinations for your post-COVID travel from Mojo Travels. Check out Georgia (country, not state), the Republic of the Congo, Papua New Guinea & Mongolia (wow - amazing scenery!). And there was a real surprise we’d never heard of: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The views look gorgeous! Who knew…

Tour group standing together in a city
Find those undiscovered destinations & avoid encounters with tour groups like this!

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