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Drawing on the past

Explore jaw-dropping Navajo art, see which animal's eggs once drew envy & unearth new discoveries at Stonehenge.

Navajo rock art is remarkable for its artistry and ability to survive the elements (and obnoxious graffiti-writing tourists). Check out these awe-inspiring rock carvings in Crow Canyon near Cortez, Colorado - from the incredibly detailed fringe hanging from indigenous costumes to bow & arrows just like those today. Guides in the Farmington (NM) Convention & Visitor’s Bureau tour date some drawings to the early 1700s – if the artists only knew their work was still telling stories three centuries later!

Prehistoric stone carvings in red ink or paint on a rock wall.

We’ve all seen room after room in museums with artifacts that conveyed wealth from prehistoric eras. But did you know that back in the Bronze and Iron Ages, possessing ostrich eggshells was a sign you’d “made it," relatively speaking? Check out the fascinating archaeology discovery by British teams about what some in Europe went through to get these prized eggs in the first place! Dug up for us in the latest Archaeology Magazine.

Ostrich head as the bird stares at the camera.
What a face! Turns out it could help tell you a lot about some Europeans' wealth in ancient times...

Stonehenge has been holding its hallowed ground for 5,000 years. But archaeologists have discovered there might once have been another monument sharing its piece of the English countryside! See how radar & magnetics are unearthing some amazing discoveries about Stonehenge’s possible ancient neighbors from Scientific American.

Stonehenge monument wide shot.

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