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DIY icy treats

Turn your freezer into a home for cool summery delights.

Remember the ice cream truck when you were little? Why is that heaven-on-wheels rarely driving by anymore now that we're grown up? The good news is you can make frozen treats at home! And you don’t even need a popsicle mold… From GYGI, get some fun, creative tips on how to make easy at-home ice pops. From using yogurt containers to carving your own popsicles from a loaf pan, these yummy snacks will make the ice cream man jealous of your freezer!

If you don’t have time to make popsicles at home (are you really that busy?), take a short cut! Find out which juices make delicious flavored ice cubes to jazz up your next glass of water & even boost your immune system. The Harvest Kitchen suggests crushing them for your own “slushie” & shares recipes for other refreshing flavored water mixes. Bet you never imagined saying, “Pass the ice cube tray!”

Ice cubes against a black backdrop
Ice cubes full of flavor? Let's do this!