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Defying aging

Football’s GOAT is also the king of turning back time…but how?

Tom Brady’s retirement from the NFL was huge sports news & whether you love him or hate the guy, you can’t argue that he’s defied Father Time. What’s his secret? Among other tricks, he’s famously strict with what he eats, including no bread (we’re not sure we could ever abide by that rule…). The “TB12 Method” is a self-proclaimed holistic approach to health & wellness. Get a taste of the rules & regs of the TB12 nutrition routine – not a mention of that bread! And check out a fun article by CBS Sports where a reporter humorously tries to eat like Tom Brady for a week & what a hungry, water-logged seven days it was!

Hour glass with more red sand on the top than the bottom.
Tom Brady's ability to age like Benjamin Button is almost as amazing as his throwing arm. What's his secret?

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