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Creatures of habitat

Peek in on wildlife livecams from around the world & some hilariously whimsical animal pics!

With a lack of live events to attend these days, why not tune in to the constant show nature’s putting on every day? Check out this cool collection of livecam nature feeds from around the world with You can catch brown bears in Alaska, dive underwater looking for sharks off North Carolina’s coast or search for safari celebs at wildlife game reserves in Africa. There’s a bit of a “Truman Show” vibe as you peek in on live feeds from everywhere, but hopefully it’s overshadowed by seeing Mother Nature work her magic despite a pandemic!

Silhouette of elephant against trees at sunset
If only the livecams from Africa could always guarantee sights like this! Fingers crossed...

Great wildlife photography is a true art from to get just the right shot after much waiting & many attempts to catch the action. But wait ‘til you see these photos capturing hysterical moments of animals in human-like poses! You’d be hard pressed to argue that animals don’t feel the full range of emotions after enjoying these priceless shots from The Guardian. And don’t miss the captions – many are as funny as the photos!

Two yelllow fish underwater being photographed by a diver.
Bet these fish would love to borrow a little social distancing from the humans on dry land...

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