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Coming to life

Meet amazing artists who breathe life into ordinary objects to create extraordinary creatures.

We’ve all marveled at claymation but wait ‘til you see “Clay Artisan Jay” & the meticulous techniques he uses to bring mounds of clay to life! You’ll be riveted by the process as this incredible artist creates an eerily-realistic LeBron James figurine out of blobs of clay. With every tiny movement or addition, he infuses life into his work. And check out his eye-popping creation of singer Billie Eilish & the rest of her iconic look. Wow!

Artist in an apron (cannot see face) cutting clay block with wire
Watch the magic one artist creates out of simple chunks of clay!

Dutch artist Theo Jansen combines art & engineering in way that baffles us mortals. He makes other-worldy creatures that defy logic & our own eyes! Jansen creates kinetic sculptures made of plastic tubing which he calls “strandbeests” – watch with amazement as these magical structures “walk” along the beach with just the power of the wind to propel them, as shown by The Thing About. Jansen has said “The walls between art & engineering exist only in our minds”…and his mind clearly works in a way light years ahead of our own!

Man dipping feet in the ocean surf
What if instead of a man walking along the shore you saw a "strandbeest"? Find out what in the world that is!

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