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Comfort animals

Let's enjoy the calming powers of pets...needed now more than ever!

Any pet owner knows animals make us feel calmer & happier, but there’s real science behind it! Studies find interacting with animals drops our levels of stress-related hormones & lowers blood pressure. No wonder service dogs & comfort dogs are so calming. Their amazing healing powers are perfectly embodied in a touching video of a woman comforted during a panic attack by her autism service dog, Marley, from of Australia & Haley via Storyful. If only we all had a Marley to get us through 2020…but just watching this video will help soothe your soul.

Woman smiling hugging dog warmly
Is there anything more calming than a doggie hug?

If you want to forget about life for a while, few things do the trick like pet videos. Make them funny as well & you have an instant way to drop your stress levels! Try not to smile while you escape with some hilarious, heartwarming dog & cat clips from Funny Animals’ Life. They’re like our virtual comfort animals! The real question is how their owners kept the camera steady while watching these hysterical antics… Boy, did we need this!

Cat making funny face licking paw
"I'm ready for my cameo...but we'll do it on my time, 'cause I'm a cat."

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