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Kid prodigies

Meet some amazing young artists already getting their names in lights!

The saying “age is just a number” usually applies to older ages to make us feel younger, but in young Aelita Andre’s case the phrase is also true. Andre is from Melbourne, Australia, but this teenager already has an incredible career as an abstract painter that started when she was just nine months old. Some of her works have sold for $30,000! As Great Big Story tells us, her work may be reminiscent of Jackson Pollock but she’s carving her own path...while still in high school!

Young woman throwing a can of green paint into the air in a studio

Waris Kareem is a teenager who aims higher than most of his peers – he wants to be the next Leonardo da Vinci! From DM News, see how this Nigerian teen artist’s incredible drawings have attracted high-powered fans - from his own government to world leaders. His talents have put him on a path to success & even inspired his art academy to build a new studio to help other budding Waris Kareems!

Artist tools like pencils & brushes sitting on sketch pads

We featured little Nandi Bushnell last year, the British nine-year-old drumming phenom who challenged the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl to a drum challenge & went insanely viral doing it. Check out a more recent clip of Nandi going to town on the drums to a heavy metal favorite…and watch her pure joy as she learns Grohl wrote her a special song & her own drum solo. We feel for her neighbors & their lack of sleep…but she’s one to watch!

Drummer on stage with huge crowd in audience
We're sure this is where one British child drummer phenom will find herself one day soon!

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