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Carving artists

So many mind-blowing sculptures in the world, so little time.

Even if you’ve always been a fan of the sculpture wing of a museum, it’s a safe bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this. The work of Li Hongbo, known as a “paper artist,” is truly out of this world. He hails from Beijing and has taken an age-old honeycomb technique often used in Chinese paper decorations to a whole new, otherworldly level. Check out Hongbo’s jaw-dropping paper sculpture masterpieces courtesy of Earth Titan as they come to life in unexpected ways. And peek behind the scenes in his studio to see the magician at work thanks to

Marble sculpture of a tortured figure in a museum with a painting in the background.

From structures that make us think to those that make us laugh, public art installations can change the entire landscape of a city & our perspective. Sculptures that emerge from the ground, pop through walls & soar into the air await you around the globe! Travel the world to check out some of the coolest eye-popping sculptures from the U.S. & Hungary to Taiwan & Australia, courtesy of Believe That.

Wire sculpture holding a hoop against a gray sky.

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