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Capturing nature's creatures

A whimsical animal photo contest & the magic of Nat Geo filmmakers await you.

Natural history photogs have a tough job…sitting for hours in the wild to get a few usable shots ain’t easy! But what about capturing one of the fastest animals on Earth? Hear the tricks of the trade from National Geographic’s amazing photographers on filming ever-fleeting hummingbirds before they flutter away! According to the UK’s Guardian, the birds for their size outpace the speed of military jets & space shuttles, all while withstanding G-forces that would knock out a fighter pilot. No wonder we can barely see their wings move with the naked eye!

Hummingbird in flight
Hummingbirds are fast...but so are the trigger fingers of Nat Geo photographers!

Most of us aren’t the most talented photographers but we’ve all captured those photo gems where pets are being adorable & funny. Who can screw that up? Well, there are wildlife photographers out there, both expert & amateur, who are recognized for capturing some priceless images of their own natural history stars! Check out these hilarious animal photos among the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists for 2021. Now coming up for the captions would be another fun competition we’d love to see...!

Sea lion yawning
Is this guy just tired? Or is he trying to becoming a comedy photo finalist?

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