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Call out your clutter

Get organized for COVID fall & let Marie Kondo help clear your home office - and your head! - of distractions.

What better time to get organized than with so many hours at home? Maybe you’ve already tackled the ‘junk drawer’ five times over… But Cheapism has some handy tips for decluttering in COVID times - like a reality check that despite what we hoped months ago, our masks aren’t going anywhere& need a better home than hanging off a doorknob! Another good one: ditch some of those ‘panic purchases’ – like maybe an elderly neighbor who rarely going out could use a few of the 36 paper towel rolls you bought in April?

Well-organized closet

Organizing guru Marie Kondo helps de-clutter the home office - a place we didn’t give much love to before 2020. Her soothing voice, even in subtitled Japanese, makes it all feel so easy in this Good Housekeeping clip. We can all relate when the woman Marie’s helping finds a random box of light bulbs in her desk drawer. We all have our ‘box of light bulbs’ somewhere. The question is do you put them in their right place? Or leave them just where they are to shake up the system? Your secret’s safe with us…

Desk with everything organized and neatly placed
The desk of someone well-organized? Or with no work to do? It's all in the eye of the office holder...

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