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Bring the spa to you

Is there any year better for calming home spa treatments than crazy 2020? Didn't think so...

Could this year get any more stressful? Let’s not jinx it…it’s only September. With so much in life now happening at home, there's one thing we can bring to the house that causes less stress, not more – the spa! Try these easy home spa treatments with things right out of your cupboard or fridge from Real Buzz. Who knew cool potato slices could help puffy eyes? Or that brown sugar + olive oil = better skin? Just make sure you have enough brown sugar left for that next batch of cookies (also relaxing when eating…).

Top-down view of spa tools on table: soaps, salts, loofahs.

If we want to replicate that soothing water served at spas, we could always just toss a few cucumber slices into a pitcher. But after the year we’ve been through, we deserve more! Try these tips for healthy, fruit-infused water mixes with nutritional benefits for your health, skin and hair. Doesn’t a Rasberry + Lime + Basil combo or a glass of Blueberries + Peaches sound more interesting than that old cucumber water? The 2020 home spa needs VIP treatment…

Two women in towels resting on lounge chairs at a spa.
How much fruit exactly is needed in our infused water to make us feel this relaxed?

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