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Bring the outdoors indoors

See & hear some of the natural wonders worthy of making in onto your travel bucket list!

Seeking a new spot for your next hike or picnic? Or dreaming up that future vacation for calmer times? These lesser-known but gorgeous state parks in each of the U.S. 50 states from the Insider may not get the attention of bigger national parks or tourist spots, but that’s a perk these days. More space + fewer crowds - air that you need to share with fellow humans = a great day in the outdoors.

Person with backpack walking on rope bridge in forest.

Can’t travel to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park for a while? Not to worry. Close your eyes and you’re so there with these immersive soundscapes captured in the park. The Black Canyon Trail thunderstorm track is particularly cool! And pair your sounds with this National Park Service photo gallery. They’re used to 4.5 million visitors a year at the park, so let’s help boost their virtual visitor numbers...

Trees blowing in a forest during a rainstorm.

Experiencing the sights and sounds of a place makes virtual travel a little closer to the real thing. So let's head - in our heads - to the Giant's Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site along Northern Ireland’s Atlantic coast. The virtual 360 views share the stunning surroundings while the “sound effects” button immerses you in the journey. Learn what took place over millions of years to create this geologic marvel and its bizarre hexagonal basalt columns.

Passport, camera & travel accessories on a table with string of white lights.

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