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Bite-sized boosts

Take just a few minutes to mend your mood with uplifting music!

Do you have two and a half minutes to spare? If it’s to do another boring task on your to do list, we’d say no, too…but what if it’s to hear some incredible music from one of the world’s greatest maestros? Listen as conductor Gustavo Dudamel masterfully leads a rousing Opéra national de Paris performance with favorites from Bizet's Carmen at his recent inaugural concert with the orchestra, from

Does the crisp fall air send you right back to the old high school football game? Or are those years too far back to remember clearly? Well, just the sound of a marching band can summon the good ol’ days on the bleachers. Treat yourself to a foot-stomping show-stopper by an incredible drum line at Oak Mountain High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Posted by Bob Fitzgerald, these kids will bring you right back to high school & “Stomp” has nothing on them!

Marching band drummers - hands & drums only
Just try not to tap your feet listening to this incredible drum line. We dare you.

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