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Celebrate spectacular structures with two famous Franks, a female pioneer who changed DC & eye-popping landmarks around the world.

Fall is the busy season at Fallingwater, the architectural masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright built in rural PA in 1939. No surprise, since the home’s nestled among trees atop the waterfall where it embodies Wright’s harmony between art & nature. So let’s drop in! Check out stunning drone flyovers of Fallingwater from Bauhaus Movement. Ever wonder how this marvel was built? You can marvel at this incredible animation of the home’s construction by Cristóbal Vila, a talented graphic designer & artist from Spain. Hear from the master himself as Wright explains the home’s design (at 6:11) in an old NBC interview courtesy of Manufacturing Intellect. And visit the home's calming website to learn about the Kaufmanns, the lucky family who lived in this work of art!

Black & white photo of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Innovative architecture has inspired, transformed & even outraged when some feel the structure doesn’t “fit” its surroundings. But no matter the emotion, it usually evokes one - like most great art! See what feelings you have looking through “The 100 Coolest Works of Architecture in the World” from the Insider. It’s a gloriously long list, but we can also check off how many we’ve visited!

Inside a grand open atrium with modern architectural design

Let’s be “frank” – that’s a great name to have in design! Frank Gehry studied the works of Frank Lloyd Wright as an architecture student. Gehry’s own master work in the Spanish town of Bilbao is one of the most stunning structures in Europe. Check out an awesome video exploring the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s architectural beauty – and if you think the outside is cool, wait ‘til you see the inside! The museum reportedly brought $500 million in economic activity to Bilbao in its first three years & is credited with helping transform the city into a prestige destination. A great addition to your post-COVID bucket list!

Blueprints & wood & tile samples on an architect's drawing table

When it comes to female architects, do you know the name Maya Lin? You surely know her work! As a 21-year-old architectural student, Lin beat out over 1,400 other applicants in the 1981 contest to design one of America’s most important landmarks – the memorial for Vietnam War veterans. Learn the secrets behind the contest & Lin’s design from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. And hear what it was like for a young female architect to break down barriers as Lin reflects on her amazing career to Time Magazine.

Architectural drawing Maya Lin entered for Vietnam Veterans Memorial contest
Vietnam Veterans Memorial competition drawing from Maya Lin (1980/1981)

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