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All I want for Xmas...is calm

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Chill out with some wintry musical favorites that’ll put you in the holiday mood.

Something about Christmas music just puts you in a good mood – so why not listen 24/7?

We stumbled upon this constantly streaming, chill version of holiday music called “Christmas Jazz 2021” with all-instrumental versions of your favorite festive tunes (it’s been going round-the-clock since November 9th!). Between the smooth melodies & the mesmerizing scene of Christmas tree lights & a festive plaza, this should put you in the holiday spirit! Or at least calm your nerves for a wee bit between shopping trips… Courtesy of Café Music BGM Channel & BGMC Records.

Christmas tree on table with lit candles, ornaments & wrapped gifts.
Decorate your life with some carols and calm.