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A Xmas gift of music

Travel to Berlin for a holiday concert from one of the world's most famous living rooms.

Arte, the European Culture channel co-funded by the European Union, put on a great holiday show for the holidays – online, no shock there. Enjoy a beautiful Christmas concert filmed at the home of world-renowned violinist Daniel Hope in Berlin, Germany. Performers include Hope, piano phenom Lang Lang (01:18:20) & Egyptian soprano Fatma Said (04:22), whose first album debuted in 2020. Hope broadcast over 100 live concerts shows from his living room during COVID lockdowns, which were seen by millions of viewers. So his Berlin living room could be considered one of the most venues of the pandemic, if that’s a claim to fame anyone wants! Don't miss Lang Lang playing a Brahams waltz "dancing" alongside his pianist wife (01:26:50). [** if the clip starts mid-show, just jump to the beginning]

Wide aerial shot at night of Berlin, Germany
Berlin is putting on quite the Christmas show!

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