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A splash of color

Fight those gray days with bursts of vibrant color from around the world!

Heading into winter, we could all use some color, couldn’t we? The Netherlands boasts one of the world’s largest flower gardens – Keukenhof – and lucky for us, they’ve also got some good drone cameras! Explore this stunning garden with a jaw-dropping seven million flower bulbs, including over 800 kinds of tulips. The land dates back to the 15th century when a Bavarian countess used to gather fruits & veggies there for the kitchen of nearby castle. What a nicer way to get your produce than our anxiety-filled trips to the grocery store in pandemic 2020!

Rows of multi-colored tulips
So many tulips, so little time!

For some of us, travel is the color to life’s canvas. So while we can’t get there in person, why not travel to places that take that idea to a whole new level? Take a journey to the most colorful cities in the world, according to Curbed. From rainbow-hued Burano, Italy & the sun-kissed shades in Santorini, Greece to vibrant villages in South Africa & Taiwan, it’s like a trip through a Crayola wonderland! And let’s face it - our photos wouldn’t have been this good...

Wide shot of Santorini, Greece & the ocean
Santorini in Greece made the list...wonder what other spots did?

We couldn’t have Thanksgiving without a nod to the most colorful fixing on an otherwise beige-colored plate of turkey & stuffing: cranberry sauce! How does this tangy concoction come to be? Travel to Masschusett’s eye-popping cranberry bogs with Business Insider to see how Ocean Spray harvests these beauties. And how did cranberries become that weird gelatinous mold in a can? Check out Smithsonian Magazine to see how cranberry sauce made its way to American tables & livened up our favorite gluttonous menu.

Closeup of plate of cranberries
Did you know most U.S. cranberries come from just two states? Find out which ones!

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